The MetaKong’s Accomplishments

The MetaKong and Metakong Contractors have done the following in their careers.

  • Top Lead Generator, Nationwide, for 92-year-old, big ticket, home appliance company.
  • Highest Sales Closing Ratio, Nationwide, for company above.
  • Top Fundraiser, Nationwide, for Nation’s Largest Political & Non-Profit Fundraising Company.
  • Top Regional Fundraiser for Public Service Fundraising Company.
  • Top Sales Performer, Outsourced Sales Call Center in Telecom/Cable Industry.
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction Score, Fortune 50 Online Retailer’s Inbound Customer Service Center.
  • Increased Online Revenue by more than $500MIL/Yearly for same Fortune 50 Online Retailer.
  • Improved Logistics Processes and cut costs by more than $1MIL/Yearly for same Fortune 50 Retailer.
  • 6, Cumulatively, Employee of Month Awards at Outsourced Customer Service Contact Center for same.
  • Highest Sales Production, Regional Energy Provider.
  • It happened once, #2 Sales Performer, Company-Wide, Telecom Infrastructure Asset Acquisition Firm.
  • Top Lead Generator, Company-Wide, Regional Home Improvement Contractor.