MetaKong Values

MetaKong re-commits to a few fundamental, simple principles and values every day:

  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Progress
  • Quality

Without the above, we cannot survive, we can only stagnate and die.  MetaKong is a small business focused on small business.  Here, you can’t find an overwhelming plethora of products and services tagged with the latest buzzwords to improve our Google Search Ranking nor a client list of the most recognizable businesses in the World to prove how good we’ve gotten at name-dropping.  What you get with MetaKong is World-Class performance founded on a Midwestern work-ethic, a perfectionist approach to every project we undertake, and a bloodlust for crushing the competition.  If you’ve ever dreamed of going to war with a team of tenacious Badgers, Wolverines, and Spartans, you’re in the right place.

MetaKong brings tomorrow’s ideas to small business today.  We apply a holistic, organic approach to our processes that ensure your solutions are customized and tailored to your company’s people, products, and services.  To ensure the best long-term results for you and yours, we have 3 goals in mind for every project:

  • Build solutions into your business’s foundation so you can reduce cost and do it yourself.
  • Design systems that are tailored to fit perfectly now and grow with you later.
  • Be the best, no exceptions.

We live by one and only one mantra:

“Work smart.  Work hard.  Win.”