MetaKong’s Team

MetaKong is a Swiss Army Knife for small to medium sized businesses.  Our team is composed of a carefully selected group of consultants and contractors with an obsession for perfecting their processes.  Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed, but none are “Blue,” (yet):



Badger is a nickname MetaKong’s founder, Sean, earned while working in San Diego for a private equity investment firm in the business of acquiring infrastructure assets.  His first man in, last man out work ethic and persistent tenacity also earned him the nickname, “Ten,” short for tenacious and the minimum number of hours others were able to witness his presence in the office.  Since he was usually at the office for a minimum of twelve hours (everyone else just arrived an hour later and left an hour earlier) and the persistently tough tenacity remains, “Badger” is the name that stays.

Badger is MetaKong’s lead sales, marketing, and operations expert.  He’s only failed to hit the #1 sales producer spot once at a plethora of companies in a plethora of industries (coming in 2nd to your mentor ain’t half bad).  Outside direct sales, Badger is known for his ability to promote and manage change, his unrelenting commitment to truth in marketing, and his excessive love of Wisconsin Badger Basketball.



Pooh-Boo is probably anything but a “Pooh-Boo.”  Carley has spent 9 years as an inside sales and customer service powerhouse for the likes of eBay and Mason Companies developing into a multi-faceted e-commerce solutions provider and keyboard speed-queen.  But, customer service isn’t always rosebuds and cotton candy canes.  Carley’s fraud detection skills have helped save countless clients thousands of dollars through loss prevention while delighting those who made no attempt to abuse her clients’ systems.  The buck stops here.

Pooh-Boo has an impeccable nose for sniffing out the bad and a relentless drive towards maintaining order and balance in sometimes chaotic and conflicting situations.  She’s an invaluable team-builder and caretaker when it matters most, but a ferocious hunter when it comes to keeping the bad out of any system.  She’s one of MetaKong’s most valuable assets for her ability to simply get it done and get it done well.



Tank is actually a tank.  Seriously, MetaKong purchased an M-1 Abrams from the United States Army and put it to work in our efforts to destroy the competition.  Just kidding.  Tank is another inside sales and customer service powerhouse with 10 years serving a plethora of clients’ sales, service, technical, and logistics demands for both eBay and PetSmart.  Logan’s customer service skills are, potentially, unmatched by anyone this side of the Mississippi and his ability to create impromptu solutions for both logistics and technical problems related to client database performance make him a cost-cutting, revenue generating monster in every project he touches.

Tank is another first man in, last man out kind of workaholic, and it means he simply gets the job done better than anyone.  His keen eye for solutions is always sharp and his warm, gregarious nature make him a pleasure to deal with in any work environment.  Don’t be fooled by the above, though, he’s known as, “Tank,” for good reason.  Tank’s ability to cut through bullsugar and get down to business is rarely seen in the modern workplace.  When he’s assigned to a mission, it’s best to get on his winning team or get out of the way!