Research and Analytics

You can always find someone to agree with whatever it is you prefer to think.  MetaKong cuts through the clutter and creates objective, unbiased, actionable knowledge.  This might be where the scope of your project matters most because there won’t always be an obvious bottom line to draw a commission or bonus structure on top of.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll figure out how to get paid.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The more we know, the better decisions we make, but nearly everyone has a much bigger problem:  the inability to see through their own emotional bias and personal worldview.  In order to speed up the process of progress, we need a broad and deep understanding of everything that came before us, everything that will come after us, and everything all around us.  When you need to step out of your head and get an outsider’s perspective, we’ll be here waiting with an insatiable desire for knowledge and reporting.

If you merely want a market research report on Statewide Youth Hockey Programs, we’d charge $1,000  to $40,000 depending on scope.  If you want a 5,000 page report on a small number of cloak and dagger competitors, on the other hand, then you’re probably looking at a multi-million dollar invoice.  If your project is boring, frankly, we probably won’t take it.  Stretch our limits and let us strut our holistic chops, however, and we might even take on the task for free (more likely if there’s sharks or blackjack involved).  All research and analytics services are considered advanced or complex services that require free a custom quote or estimate.  Contact us to discuss.