Prospect List Building

MetaKong is the only company on the market currently offering on-demand prospect list building services.

You can use Experian, InfoUSA, or Hoovers to get your prospect lists for anywhere between $0.13 per prospect to $2.77 per prospect and your data is highly likely to be anywhere between 1 year and 6 years old or worse.  Stop wasting your sales time and do the only thing that makes sense:  hire MetaKong to create your prospect list on-demand so you KNOW YOUR DATA IS FRESH for anywhere between $1.17 per Basic Prospect to only $4.77 per Premium Prospect with Sales Trigger Intelligence!

MetaKong offers 3 Pre-Paid Prospect List Building Packages, all of which come with volume discounts; if you prefer to be invoiced for prospect list building services, then all prices listed below will be increased 44% to cover the risk associated with invoicing:

Premium Prospect List Building Packages

The Premium Package comes with, literally, as much information as can be found for every prospect in your target market.  Premium Data Packages will generally come with 3-5 phone numbers and 3-5 email addresses per prospect, basically all available direct and indirect contact information available, as well as Sales Trigger Intelligence information on each individual prospect.  Sales Trigger Intelligence includes data like what time your prospect is available, any biographical information available, any social media profiles, any personal sites, and any industry or organizational information available that is directly relevant towards increasing your chances of sales success.  If you’re out to be the best, the Premium Package is what you want to load your CRM with.


Premium Prospect Packages



Standard Prospect List Building Packages

The Standard Package comes with up to 2 phone numbers and 2 email addresses per prospect any time 2 are available.  As soon as 2 are found and entered into your data, the research is done and no further effort is expended.  Standard packages include the commercial address for each individual prospect as well as all Standard company contact information like web address for the company.


Standard Prospect Packages


Basic Prospect List Building Packages

The Basic Package comes with only 1 phone number and 1 email address per prospect.  As soon as the most likely correct phone and email are found, research is done.  All packages include Standard company contact information.

Basic Prospect Packages