Data Pricing Comparison

Data Pricing Comparison

Prospect List Building & Cost

We don’t like fine print any more than the next guy, that said, we skipped the first 3 sets of asterisks to make our fine print more noticeable.

Oh!  Almost forgot, we also made our fine print the same size as the rest of our typeface.  Helps, aye?

****RESULTS:  For our competitors, results are based on the best possible outcome perceived through a multitude of online information sources that includes our competitors own publications.  They admit they’re weak.  What you’re really looking at when you look at our competitors are the results of an average sales department.  If you want average, by all means, use our competitor’s lead generation and marketing services.  We’ll be here when you want to be the best.

*****SALE RATE:  Same as “Transaction Rate” label used in other online resources from both third-parties and direct competitors.  The sale rate is the percentage of people emailed who actually did business with you.  You can use a company that produces 1 sale for every 1,000 people emailed, or 3 sales for every 100 people emailed.  All of the above is accurate as of 04/21/2017.