Terms and Conditions

By using this website or any MetaKong services, you agree to be bound by any and all terms and conditions set forth within the pages of this website or any email communications received from MetaKong or MetaKong authorized agents, with the most recently dated postings or communications taking precedence over previously dated communications or postings.  All disputes are settled by MetaKong and all decisions final.  If any of the terms are not agreeable, you may appeal directly to MetaKong or cease and desist use of services or this website:


A few recent updates and changes to pricing:

Data Entry* = $14.86/Hour

Website Management* = $25.56/Hour

Sales & Marketing Consultation = $25.59/Hour

Basic Technical Support/Consultation = $25.95/Hour

Data Analysis & Reporting = $27.53/Hour

Basic Website Development = $32.80/Hour


*-Data entry does not include prospect list building, however, should be considered when comparing cost of prospect list providers; data entry clerk wage averages between $11/Hour and $19/Hour depending on data complexity; website management is free for all current clients (cost of hosting, and amounts to, in most cases except special request customizations, mere minutes per month updating software.


A few recent updates regarding invoicing policy and procedure:

  • All prepaid invoices will receive 15% off “list price,” regardless of service ordered.
  • All postpaid invoices paid within 24 hours of receipt will get 10% off their next invoice.
  • All postpaid invoices paid within 7 days of receipt will get 2% off their next invoice.
  • All postpaid invoices paid within 14 days of receipt will get 1% off their next invoice.
  • All invoices unpaid 15 days after issue will be reissued with a 15% late payment fee and all previously earned Referral Reward Credit is revoked permanently.
  • All invoices unpaid 22 days after issue will be reissued with a 30% late payment fee and all incentives and discounts are revoked for one month.
  • All invoices unpaid 30 days after issue will be reissued with a 50% late payment fee and all services will be revoked, blocked, shut down, and/or suspended until payment in full is received.


  1. Pricing credit for any set of phone numbers that does not contain at least one correct phone number or any set of email addresses that does not contain at least one correct email address.  How it works:  If you order 100 Prospects on the Bare Minimum Package and a prospect comes with a bad email address, we’ll replace the entire prospect for free by issuing one full credit for one full Bare Minimum Package Prospect.  Call it an accuracy guarantee if you wish, if you order only 1 phone number and 1 email address per prospect, we’ll replace, free of charge, any prospect that doesn’t come with 1 good phone number and 1 good email address, if either one is missing, we’ll credit you for 1 full prospect at the same order level.  In practice, this means you will only pay for accurate data.  If either of the two most important contact points is bad, we’ll replace the whole prospect free or credit the a la carte pricing to your account for use on any MetaKong service.
  2. Sales Trigger Intelligence will come with as much data as available to build client relationships more quickly than any of your competitors by knowing who you’re speaking to before you pick up the phone.  Lexis Nexis offers a similar service in Prospect Portfolio ($400/month with 1-year contract and early termination penalties; public contact data is available for $0.75 per contact lookup through Lexis Nexis and shows you the date the data was researched after you pay for a contact, and I’ve seen data as old as 6 years after I already paid for it), but the Sales Intel presented in the service is primarily company news you can get by creating a simple Google News Alert to be sent to your Inbox, Lexis Nexis Prospect Portfolio does not provide actual prospect info you could use in opening converstions, breaking the ice, or building rapport during the sales process.  All info summarized by a pro sales hunter who is known to be a prolific note taker during deal process stages.  Know your prospects’ hobbies before your competition knows their phone number, THAT is a competitive sales advantage!
  3. Speaking of Google News Alerts, all Sales Trigger Intelligence will come with a customized, highly targeted Sales Trigger News Feed, customized to your company’s prospect base, and automatically updated on your own personalized MetaKong.com page with all the latest publicly available information regarding any prospect, lead, or customer that you’ve ordered Sales Trigger Intelligence on.  This means you’ll be able to visit your password protected page and view the latest news, web page updates, latest social media posts, or any other online activity related to your entire client or prospect base so you know when it’s “time to pounce.”  Targeting and timing.  Sales Trigger Intelligence will be a news feed that saves you time by letting you know who to target now; when your decision maker posts about his group’s need to raise money or sell a property, you’ll be the first to know about it when you log into your news feed.  Some CRM’s attempt to do similar things, but tend to focus on only one datasource; with Sales Trigger Intelligence, you’ll get all data sources in one news feed.
  4. Prospect data orders, going forward, will be capped at 500 per week for ALL MetaKong data list orders; that means we will only research up to 500 prospects per week until contractors are added to take on overflow work.  Data list orders will be worked on on a first to pay, first served basis, so if only 1 client orders 500 prospects on the first day of the week, no more prospect list orders will be taken for 7 days; if 5 clients each order 100 prospects on the first day of the week, then no more prospect list orders will be taken for 7 days.  ALL of our prospect list production is being capped at 500 per week, or about 20 labor hours per week in prospect research, so that there is enough time budgeted for all technical project orders, marketing project orders, and needed policy and procedure updates MetaKong needs to make immediately.
  5. If anyone would like to utilize less expensive services like InfoUSA or Experian’s data list services, I’ll be more than happy to provide up to 1 free hour of consultation on how to make the most out of our competitors’ data list and email marketing services.
  6. Speaking of email marketing services, though it hasn’t been put up on MetaKong.com yet, if you would like to have MetaKong manage your email marketing campaigns in their entirety, complete with not just numeric tracking and reporting like a Constant Contact would do, but customized analysis and reporting on trends from a Sales Hunter perspective, MetaKong will manage email campaigns at a bargain basement rate of only $0.04 per email sent (no charge for bounced emails, we’ll simply replace bad emails with good ones during the campaign), or only $40 per 1,000 emails sent on your behalf.  The service will include everything from email design through timing and targeting and will be customized for all details after a free setup consultation.  This service is capped at a maximum 2,000 emails sent per week between all clients due to server setting limitations and SPAM limitations.
  7. Prepaid bulk data orders will come with discount tiers, but I’m not completely finished analyzing competitor pricing structures quite yet, so those will be finalized in the coming days.

Referall Reward Program terminated:

All credit earned so far will continue to be paid out as original planned or agreed upon (if you referred someone prior today, you’ll be “grandfathered in” for those referrals only) EXCEPT for any unpaid invoices, in which case credit will be revoked permanently and grandfathered program eligibility will reinstate once your balance is paid in full.

See the new MetaKong Rewards Program here or below:

At the end of your referral’s first year as a client, you’ll have the choice between receiving 15% of your referrals’ project spend in the form of a MetaKong service credit on your account to use any way you wish OR 10% of your referrals’ project spend in the form of cash.  It’s as simple as that!

This page and these terms last updated on 06/19/2017